Alfie's is a delightful donut shop that weaves an enchanting narrative into every bite. Our brand's mission is to conjure moments of pure magic, joy, and imagination with each donut indulgence. At the heart of our identity lies a whimsical rabbit, inspired in Alice in Wonderland and Disney, serving as our brand's endearing ambassador. This choice imbues the company with a relatable, human touch and captivates the hearts of children through the enchanting tale of the magical rabbit.

Our primary color palette is dominated by an alluring shade of purple, symbolizing the mystical and the flavorful. Complementing this is our secondary color, a vibrant yellow reminiscent of the starlit heavens during moments of enchantment. "In every place, a touch of magic resides; we only need to believe." This is our guiding mantra, inspiring us to infuse every donut with wonder and whimsy, creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Key words: Magical, Magic, Joy, Imagination, Rabbit, Brand identity, Purple, Sourcery, Yellow, Starlight, Enchantment, Belief, Rabbit Hole, Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland, Fantasy, Disney.

Graphic Design: Mirela Melo
Motion Design: Jorge Amorim
Photography: Casa Parallax
Naming: Antônio Natal

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