Step into the world of OBJET, a dynamic e-commerce platform that curates an exquisite collection of high-end interior design brands. Founded in 2018, OBJET has embarked on a remarkable journey of rapid growth, bolstered by a recent infusion of substantial funding. Our project showcases the development of a comprehensive brand identity and a user-centered digital experience, aligned with OBJET's vision to expand into new markets and introduce a mobile app alongside their website.

OBJET's visual identity is a testament to the belief that "modern and cool is the new luxury." To capture this essence, we have harnessed a gradient featuring vibrant green, a symbol of our brand's vibrancy and happiness. The logo typography, presented in elegant, all-caps lettering, exudes authority, while the thin serif font conveys delicacy and sophistication. We invite you to explore this project and witness how OBJET embodies the essence of modern luxury in the realm of interior design.

Key words: Interior Design, High-end, E-commerce, Brand Identity, Digital Experience, Quality, Sustainability, Vibrant, Luxury, Modern, Cool, Branding, Innovation, Furniture, Home, Sophisticate, Elegant, Young, Logo Design, Visual Identity

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